Puppy & Dog Behaviour & Training  in Tunbridge Wells & Surrounding Areas 


Puppy and Dog Training

Setting you and your dog up for success, teaching you both invaluable life skills and all the benefits of canine enrichment, through fun and positive reward based training.

Group puppy classes 

6 week course consisting of

1 hour sessions 

Training advice and 1-2-1 training sessions will teach you and your dog invaluable life skills, all through fun and positive training

Giving your dog activities and tasks which will make them think, stimulate their brains and enhance their mental state.


Why Trust FurryTails

  • Positive reward based training 

  • Providing and promoting science based proven dog training

  • Fully insured

  • Animal first aid trained

  • IMDT member

  • Platinum member of Pet Professional Network

  • Member of BPPG - British Pet Professional Guild

  • Member of ICan - The International Companion Animal Network

Accreditations and Memberships

Accreditations and Memberships.jpg

Courses Completed

  • NARP accredited Professional Dog Walkers Course 2011

  • The College of Animal Welfare Animal First Aid Course 2011

  • IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer 2015 and 2017

  • Emergency First Aid for Dogs 2016

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy Foundations 2016

  • IMDT Canine Body Language 2017

  • IMDTB Separation Anxiety (2 day) 2017

  • Victoria Stilwell The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference (2 day) 2017

  • IMDT 4 Day Practical Instructor 2017

  • IMDTB Resource Guarding (2 day) 2018

  • IMDTB Impulse Control 2018

  • IMDT Funk Up Your Classes 2019

  • The Canine School of Science Puppy Lab 2019

  • Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play workshop 2019

  • Amber Batson Fearful Fido seminar 2019

  • OCN (Open College Network) in Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement - Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour Level 3 2017

  • OCN (Open College Network) in Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level 3 2017

Qualifications Gained


Canine Enrichment Sessions

Here at FurryTails we are very passionate about canine enrichment and how important it is to dogs.   I have always been a strong believer that dogs need to be mentally stimulated as well as physically and the very foundation of dog training starts with canine enrichment.   It can help to prevent behavioural problems such as reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety whilst building confidence, relieves boredom, it’s bonding between you and your dog and all the time they are having fun.

By giving your dog activities and tasks which make them think, you are stimulating their brain and enhancing their mental state. By allowing your dog to use their nose and brain to problem solve and learn new skills, you will see so many benefits and most of all, they love doing it.


Did you know 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hours walk !

Simply put, enrichment WILL enhance your dog’s life - guaranteed.


Enrichment Sessions - £80


I will go into detail on how and why dogs need mentally stimulating throughout their lives and how it can help to prevent a whole host of behavioural problems.


Not only does enrichment help to alleviate boredom it is also brilliant for dogs recovering from operations or older dogs that are unable to exercise as much.


Approx 90 minute session 

You will receive a free goodie bag full of healthy treats for your puppy including a puppy pack from Fish4Dogs and treats by Feelwells, money off vouchers and a voucher for a free box of Butternut Box food, which are healthy nutritious homemade dinners for your dog.


Puppy Classes



6 week Puppy course -  £95 - (consisting of 1 hour session hour classes)   


All things puppy - mouthing, nipping, toilet training, sleeping through the night, jumping up, appropriate socialisation, confidence building, nutrition, handling and invaluable life skills.

Puppy training exercises from sit, stay, settle, eye contact, road safety, an introduction to loose lead walking and recall, fun games and enrichment.

You will receive a copy of my FurryTails 8 page puppy information booklet which will help you and your new puppy settle in to your new life together. You will also receive a free goodie bag full of healthy treats for your puppy including a puppy pack from Fish4Dogs and treats by Feelwells, money off vouchers and a voucher for a free box of Butternut Box food, which are healthy nutritious homemade dinners for your dog and the most important thing, your beautiful puppy will receive a FurryTails certificate.


Each week I will send you a detailed, easy to read set of notes with a recap of everything we went through.


All of these will set you and your puppy up for success.


*Please note: 

Unfortunately it’s not possible to take bitches in season for puppy classes, should your puppy come into season whilst attending our puppy classes I would ask that you stay at home with your puppy and I will take you through what you miss at a mutually convenient time or we can rebook you the lessons you miss on the next puppy course.

There will still be lots of training and enrichment that you can do at home with your puppy at that time that we can go through.


1-2-1 Puppy Packages

 Setting You and Your Puppy Up For Success


For each of the following packages you will receive a copy of my FurryTails 8 page puppy information booklet which will help you and your new puppy settle in to your new life together. 

These packages are suitable for puppies up to the age of 6 months. If your puppy is over 6 months old, please contact me to discuss the most suitable package for your dog's training and behavioural needs.


You will also receive a free goodie bag full of healthy treats for your puppy, including a puppy pack from Fish4Dogs and treats by Feelwells, money off vouchers and a voucher for a free box of Butternut Box food, which are healthy nutritious homemade dinners for your dog.


These sessions are tailor made around the individual puppy, as you may want more help with some things over others or have specific areas you would like us to focus on.

Each week I will send you a detailed, easy to read set of notes with a recap of everything we went through in our session.



Puppy Package 1 - £80 - approx one 90 minute session

I will help and advise you with all puppy related issues, including toilet training, sleeping through the night, puppy mouthing/nipping, separation anxiety, chewing and confidence building and can advise you on how to introduce your new puppy to children and other dogs or pets in your household.


I will introduce you and your puppy to the wonderful world of canine enrichment and how to keep your puppy mentally stimulated throughout its life.  Although I’m not a nutritionist, I can advise towards a nutritional and healthy diet for your puppy. 


As well as introducing you to the foundations of puppy training. I will teach you and your puppy invaluable life skills, all through fun and positive training. 



Puppy Package 2 - £200 (four sessions)


Four sessions comprising of the first session as above PLUS three more 1 hour sessions with more training exercises including:


Reflex to name game, eye contact, road safety, sit, sit stay, preventing jumping up, settle to mat, nose touch, swap/exchange game, impulse control such as leaving food or objects, canine enrichment advice and activities to mentally stimulate your dog throughout its life.


Our third and fourth sessions will focus on loose lead walking and recall.


These 4 sessions really will set you and your puppy up on the road to success with their training.


FurryTails also do a 6 session package where we put everything together with distractions

and more focus and impulse control games for those who want to take their training a little further.

Puppy Package 3 - £300 (six sessions)


For those who want to take their training a little further, this six session package, offers Package 2 as above, PLUS 2 more 1 hour sessions, where we will go through more impulse control and fun focus games.


Loose lead walking and Recall with distractions and putting everything we’ve learnt from all of our sessions, out and about into real life situations.


I believe that with the right advice from the beginning of your journey with your puppy and setting you and your puppy up for success through positive reward based training and mental stimulation, you will have a happier more content adult dog less likely to have behavioural issues.


Training and Behaviour


  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Recall

  • Barking

  • Jumping Up

  • Resource Guarding

  • Separation Anxiety

Initial consultation and follow up session  - £150


First session :

Pre-consultation questionnaire.  I may request that your puppy/dog has a vet check.

In-depth consultation to identity training or behavioural requirements.

First session will be approx . 90 minutes (at your home or park, whichever is more suitable)


Second Session

Recap of previous session.

One hour 1-2-1 training session or behavioural session.

Detailed easy to follow report after each session


Any further follow up sessions  - £70  (approx. 1 hour)




"Jo is an amazing trainer and her creativity and knowledge of enrichment is so special! I recently referred her to my own clients who would like help with creating fun enrichment for their dogs!"

Bethany Grace

"Excellent training experience, really good methods for lead walking and enrichment ideas. Would highly recommend Jo"

"I now have a happy dog that comes on recall, sits on command and knows how to behave around people when

we are out walking! Jo’s rates are very reasonable and she truly is an excellent trainer!  I am one happy client!"

Dee Collins. West Ewell Surrey

"Jo helped us with training our new puppy, she was fab and really helped us with so many tips on how to train a young puppy.  All of the enrichment ideas and suggestions were really useful, there were so many options and you can really see how important enrichment is for dogs.   Jo's knowledge was vast and she was lovely to work with. Also the sessions were fun for Poppy and us!   Even though our initial first 4 sessions are over it is great to know Jo is on hand for any questions we have".

Thank you Jo!"   

 Rosie Steele

"I would not hesitate to recommend Jo from FurryTails. She helped train my boisterous Labrador puppy in a fun professional way and gave me the confidence and knowledge to continue that training at home". 

"Jo is fantastic with dogs, her training methods are great and I absolutely love her canine enrichment ideas and so does my dog!"
Cathy Tse

Absolutely amazing. Highly recommended"

Maria-Christina Patala


About Jo

Jo is a qualified, positive, reward based dog trainer through the IMDT (institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and holds further accreditation with the OCN (Open College Network) in Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement Level 3. OCN (Open College Network) in Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level 3.

I have grown up with a love of animals, having spent most of my spare time as a child, in the local pet shops and walking anyone’s dogs that would let me. I would often rescue stray cats and injured birds. To date, as pets I have been lucky to have had a wide variety of pets, ranging from an African Pygmy hedgehog to a Sulcata Tortoise! And various other animals in between. I am the proud owner of Frankie and Lulu, our two small dogs, who never cease to amaze me and my family.


I started FurryTails in 2011 after taking on a troubled little rescue pup, who unfortunately had too many issues and couldn’t stay with me and my family but I like to think I was her stepping stone to her forever home. It was at this point that I realised I really wanted to work with dogs, I wanted to know what made them tick.


FurryTails has evolved over the years, from dog walking and pet services to day care and home boarding. This journey taught me so much invaluable information about puppies and dogs, which led me to wanting to become a dog trainer and I am proud to say that I am a accredited, qualified dog trainer through the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).


I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners. Dogs are wonderful members of our family and I can help you to understand and have a better relationship with your dog in a fun, kind and positive way.


Nutritional Advice

Butternut Squash.jpg

Do you know how important nutrition is to a dogs behaviour??


Just think about if we ate an unhealthy low quality diet most of the time, we wouldn’t be feeling our best or performing as well as we could and all of those artificial colourings and preservatives could really play a big part in our behaviour . . .


So has it ever crossed your mind what we feed our dogs could only have the same effect on them too?!


Now imagine your dog eating a healthy balanced diet made of only the finest and fresh ingredients, home cooked and delivered to your door . . .


  • Butternut Box is made using natural fresh ingredients

  • Made with natural, fresh ingredients.

  • Developed with nutritionists, praised by vets.

  • Gently cooked with care in the UK. No grains.

  • No mystery meats.

  • No preservatives.

  • Portions based on your dog’s calorie needs.


Get a free Butternut Box - click here www.ButternutBox.com/FurryTails


Your dog will thank you for it.


For every new furry customer that signs up with Butternut Box, they donate a much needed meal to a less fortunate dog that’s found itself homeless or in a shelter.


So not only is your dog benefiting but you’re helping others in need.

Fish4Dogs is a brand for dog lovers passionate about their dog’s vitality, wellbeing and nutritional needs.

As champions of fish, Fish4Dogs were the first company to believe in the health benefits of fish for dogs, and over 12 years later, they still only use fish, believing it to be the perfect protein.


Fish4Dogs is a trusted, award winning, Worcestershire-based brand, with years of experience in delivering great service and great products – our customer reviews speak for themselves.


This year, with increasing concern about animal obesity and discerning dog owners looking to make healthier choices for their four-legged friend: Fish4Dogs are encouraging owners to ‘Switch to fish’ and discover the reasons why they believe fish is the perfect protein, excellent for the wellbeing of dogs, excellent for tasty, nutritious food and treats.


Tasty fish a natural source of omega 3 which has many benefits For happy, healthy four-legged friends.


• Deliciously tasty, healthy food and treats made from fish, a tasty source of protein, excellent for their wellbeing.

• Food that is formulated for a satisfying, balanced feed - full of protein, minerals and vitamins to help your dog live life to the full.

• Food and treats that use fish rather than chicken, beef, pork or lamb, for dogs with intolerances and sensitivities.

• A wide variety of fishy, grain free recipes. Simple ingredients, lots of taste.

• Tasty fish a natural source of omega 3 which has many benefits including:

- Help maintain healthy joint tissue

- Supports heart, eye and brain development

- Supports skin and coat health

- Eases digestion and supports gut health


Celebrating happy healthy dogs and happy owners. Fish4Dogs Champions of Fish.




Terms and Conditions


All payments must be paid in full to secure your bookings.


All bookings for 1-2-1 training and puppy classes are secured upon payment.


Cancellations - 72 hours’ notice is required. Charges may be applied (for up to the entire period that has been cancelled) if the required notice period is not given. 


Any refund made will be reduced by an administration fee of £25.00.


If you start the course and then cancel or fail to turn up no refund will be made except in special circumstances.


If you start a 1-2-1 private training plan and decide to cancel or fail to continue the training, no refund will be offered.


If you have completed a 1-2-1 training package and decided to not adhere to any advice given you will not be offered a refund. It will have been explained to you over the phone consultation what to expect and what type of training will be involved (gentle, kind methods) time and patience are vital in behavioural training, we do not offer short term training techniques due to unreliability.


Sometimes due to the landowners/ Hall hires, lack of numbers, or extreme weather, classes may have to be postponed or delayed, but

they will always be rescheduled to the following week.


In a 1-2-1 training session if an unexpected event or illness stops you from attending the appointment these can be rescheduled without charge.   Once a 1-2-1 booking has been made, you have a 4 month time slot to fit in your scheduled appointments, if you cannot fit all of them in within this window you will lose any left over after the 4 month period unless discussed prior to booking. 


We do not tolerate any form of heavy/harsh handling or training techniques as we are strictly positive reinforcement methods only. We cannot accept choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, slip leads or any form of harsh training tools.  All you are required to bring is a standard lead, tasty treats and a clicker if you use one. 


We take every precaution to reduce risk of disease, however, we cannot be held accountable should a dog become poorly. This has not happened before, however, there is a very small risk with un-vaccinated puppies.    Please ensure you only bring healthy dogs/puppies to class. If you suspect your dog may be ill (diarrhoea/vomiting/off food) please do not bring him/her to class. 


FurryTails carry comprehensive insurance with Pet Business Insurance however, any accident or injury during training sessions may not be covered if you have failed to use appropriate equipment or fail to follow all given advice.


Our methods are all force free however the results are never instant and take commitment from the client to work with their dog in the long-term.


Although we cannot fully guarantee a 100% success rate with our training methods,  we have a high success rate with previous clients who follow and practice our methods in the long term.


All dogs that are known to bite other dogs or cause injury need to wear a muzzle, we take no responsibility for dogs who are not muzzled or kept under control, during our session or when working outside of our session. Failure to wear a muzzle when asked may result in termination of your support.


Dogs must be always kept under control when we enter your premises.  Failure to do so and any injury caused by your dog being out of control will be your full responsibility.


In some cases FurryTails uses stooge dogs to aid training. You will be responsible for keeping your dog a sufficient and safe distance from the stooge dog and if asked will need your dog to wear a muzzle during these sessions.

Scratchboard or pastel artwork of your dog, puppy, cat or pets.

contact me for details

www.jennyart.online      07860 159958       jennydart18@gmail.com

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