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Things to do with your Dog in a Heatwave

We see lots of people walking their dogs in extreme heat - imagine going out for a walk in this heat in your winter coat ,let alone going for a run !!

Dogs can’t regulate their body temperature the way we do, they sweat through the pads of their feet and their noses and those pavements are burning hot on their poor feet! 

Their way of cooling down is through panting, which is made harder in this extreme heat. Please don’t leave dogs in cars or in the sunshine and give them access to plenty of water and shade. 

Let them have lots of rest, give them things to do mentally, you can take them back out for those lovely long walks again when the hot spell is over.  And don’t forget the dogs with the flat faces and short noses (brachycephalic breeds) such as Pugs, French Bulldogs find it even harder to breathe in hot weather. 

Frankie enjoys the paddling pool out with toys and the odd treat to find, tunnels and having the sprinkler going. I let her play for a few minutes at a time before coming back inside again. 

You’ll also see the photos of our Frankie having her breakfast this morning out of the ball pit, which she loves and it tires her out as she has to work for her food. And above all it’s fun, she loves it. 

We play hide and seek in the evenings with her indoors, she goes off and finds a toy, I hide it and ask her to ‘find it’ again, it's fun and bonding between the two of you and again and agin making her use her brain. She’s always shattered afterwards. 

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