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How important is ‘Checking in’?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What do I mean by checking in ? . .

Well exactly that. Imagine if we didn’t check in when we got to the airport, or when we arrive at our hotel !! Whether that’s for a little country break or an exotic fortnight away somewhere.

Checking in or lack of it . . . Hmm not so good if you miss that flight or have nowhere to sleep whilst you’re away !!

Ok so you’re probably thinking what has this got to do with dog training ?!

Well quite a lot actually. If we teach our dogs to check in with us - aka - (looking at you, eye contact, watch me) then you’re on the right path to positively training your dog. So when we are teaching you to have your dog walk nicely beside you and not dragging you half way down the road, we call this exercise - Loose Lead Walking, and the two things we we are looking for is . . . Yep you’ve got it a nice loose lead and ‘eye contact’ (checking in)

Because if your dog is looking at you, then they aren’t not pulling. Your dog can’t pull and look at you at the same time.

When we teach our dogs to wait patiently at the front or back door or even in the car before you open the door, we can teach them to check in with you which is teaching your dog impulse control.

Not only does safety come into this as we don’t want our dogs running out of the door, it’s kinder on our arms if they’re on a lead and it helps to put the dog in a better state of mind by being calmer before setting off on their walk, at the park or even down the garden.

Another one is - you’re walking down the road and there’s another dog on the other side of the road or some children playing, then get your dog to check in with you - they know you have yummy treats in your treat pouch and by looking at you they get that treat and lots of praise which distracts them and refocuses them from other things in the environment.

Sitting at the kerb side - again get your dog to check in with you, whilst you wait until it’s safe to cross the road. Now I’ve probably made this all sound really easy . . . well do you know what? It is . . . through positive reward based training.

I can’t stress enough about how important this simple exercise is to you and your dog and so very valuable !! When our dogs check in with us, good things happen.

Do you dread taking your dog out because you know that you’re going to get dragged down the road ?!

Do you struggle with getting your dog to focus and those calm times are few and far between?

Would you like to train your your dog in a fun and positive way?

Then call me - Jo on - 07973 216148

Jo Woodward

FurryTails Dog Training

T: 07973 216148

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